Sandy Nichols: Netting for Ojibwe Treaty Rights

Produced by Nick Vander Puy
Reserve, Wisconsin (

Six months ago Sandy Nichols from Minnesota was driving heavy equipment for Enbridge Gas who're building a pipeline through Indian Country to transport Alberta tar sands.  Nickel had a vision about the pipeline blowing up, rupturing, and starting a fire.

So  she quit her job.

A few months later the pipeline caught fire killing two workers

She thinks Ojibwe treaty rights can protect the land.

Now, Nichols is going fishing with a net and without a state license the day before the Minnesota sport fishing season opens.
She wants to challenge the State of Minnesota for not honoring Ojibwe treaty rights to hunt, fish, and gather in the ceded territory.
"We have indigenous rights to hunt, fish, and gather in Minnesota ceded territory."
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