Dave Zebro: DNR Warden appreciates traditional Ojibwe culture

by Nick Vander Puy
Reserve, Wisconsin (IndianCountryTV) 

Dave Zebro became a Wisconsin DNR game warden in the early nineteen nineties, after the height of the protest against Ojibwe treaty rights in northern Wisconsin.

Unlike older wardens who resisted Ojibwe treaty rights Zebro embraces the co-operative management with Ojibwe tribes as, "a whole new world."  He appreciate being at the same table with tribal members  to protect the land and water in northern Wisconsin.

At GLIFWC's recent celebration in Odanah, Zebro observed a water ceremony which brought home the importance of water to our community.

"It's very important that we (non-tribal) participate in the ceremonies to know what's going on with our tribal partners to protect the resources."

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