Jason Schlender: Paying attention to your personal health

by Nick Vander Puy
Reserve, Wisconsin (LCOTV)

After participating in and watching the recently released  movie about native male health, "Walking into the Unknown," Jason Schlender, who lost his middle aged father Jim Schlender a few years ago, vows to look after his own health.

"Walking into the Unknown," traces Ojibwe physician Dr.Arne Vainio's year long journey through an extensive medical checkup.

Despite his fears about testing Vainio found several health problems which he was able to treat with a change in diet and exercise.

Living on the Red Cliff Chippewa reservation, Jason Schlender, wanting to someday become a grandpa, is walking his dog more and eating more wild rice, vegetables, fish, and deer meat.

"I cherish being a dad and want to be around for my son."

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