Thrashing wild rice (manoomin) at Wolf Point

Produced by Paul DeMain
Reserve, Wisconsin (LCOTV) 9-08

Duke and Lucas Wolf, family members and friends like Chad LaPointe and Willy were busy harvesting wild rice during September.

As each day went by, and weather provided, the trash barrels used for storage of husked rice continued to grow and the process of drying, parching and duskiness began.

Using the same typical approach of many people on the reservation, they make do with what they have on hand.

Duke Wolf, with the help of many intellectual Rez thinkers of great forethought, fashion a thrasher out of an old gas engine mortar mixer and as the days go by the operation grows with fans from the house, parts from the kitchen cupboard and garage walls, funnels, and finally a tarp to cover it during a drizzle.

manomin_bowlrice08-030.jpgIt an interesting operation, in which during the first few days, the mechanics fuss with inside rubber flaps to prevent the thrasher from breaking the rice, adjustment of blowers and air access to the tumbler, fine tuning the machinery until out it comes, Ojibwe gold as some call it - the good seed, Manoomin.

 Traditional Ojibwe Thrasher, aaay!

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