Sacred Site run starts in South Dakota

by Nick Vander Puy
Reserve, Wisconsin (NFIC/SBN)

A Sacred Site Run starts at sunrise May 23 from the Crow Creek reservation in South Dakota, heading east towards Wisconsin and the Summerfest grounds in Milwaukee. The goal of the run is to point out Native burial desecrations in South Dakota, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.

The Great Plains Sacred Sites run organizers want to help save burial mounds and sites from developers or road builders who ignore native wishes to preserve mounds, cemeteries and sacred sites as part of United States history and culture.

The runners are hosted and joined by local communities along the route.

For more information:
Call Sharon, Jim or Scott at 651-452-4141

For volunteer runners call: Diane 651-983-6363

Watch video of Patrick Klaybor speaking about the run.

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