Low energy use by Dan Sullivan on LCO Reserve - Video

by Nick Vander Puy
Reserve, Wisconsin (NFIC/SBN) 5/08


As energy prices catapult, a Lac Coute Oreilles Ojibwe member smiles about building an energy efficient, solar powered log cabin. Danny "Boom" Sullivan built a comfortable home three years ago for less than $15,000 and he's not worried about hikes in energy costs like many other people around the world.


Sullivan uses the earth to cool his food in a small, insulated room under his house. Thus, he avoids the need for a refrigerator.

The logs came from his land. The water comes from a well he runs with solar power, he has a radio and occasionally enough power for some TV shows. If interested he can watch energy prices escalate.


Listen to Boom talk briefly about his accomplishments in this video.

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