Nagaajiwanaang Ojibwe Language Immersion Videos Stack 2011

This four day language camp in 2011 on the Fond du Lac Ojibwe Reservation hosts a series of cultural activities that people can participate in. Fluent speakers are on hand to hold conversational learning sessions, to tell stories and to be where the cultural activities are happening. Preserving the Ojibwe language in a fun, educational and cultural way. Check back time to time for new videos which will be added as time goes on.

Nagaajiwanaang Video Stack

Jim Northrup shares his art of birch bark basket making

Charlie "Tuna" Nagahnub shows us how to make wild rice poles and knockers

Birch Bark Biting

Esther Humphrey shares her experiences

Nature Walk (short Youtube version)

Manoomin Poles and Knockers Canoe Race (Short Youtube Version)

Canoe Race
59:29 video to be reloaded to new Livesteam Platform and then uploaded here

Howard Kimewon shows us how to make Hominy

Myna Toulouse shares the art of quill box making

Mad Scientist AKA Dr. Arne Vainio

Highlights of the 3rd Nagaajiwanaang Language Camp

Kimberlie Acosta talks with the Language camp founders

Josh Pearson talks with Jim Northrup III


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