Seminoles Initiate Native American Veterans Memorial Statue (TV)

IndianCountryTV special report with Kimberlie Acosta talking with Stephen Bowers, liaison for the Seminole Tribe of Florida Office of Veteran Affairs, Mitchell Cypress, Chairman of the Seminole Tribe of Florida and Tina Osceola, Executive Assistant to the Chairman, about The Native American Veterans Memorial Initiative.

Chairman Cypress noted he would like to see a fourth soldier, a Native American, added to the three soldier likenesses that are part of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial on the National Mall.  “We were there during the conflicts, fighting for our country as Native Americans,” said Chairman Cypress.  “When we look at the beautiful statue that depicts true and brave warriors, we wonder why we were not included.  We were there, too.”

For more information on this initiative you can visit: This special report on NAVMI is brought to you in part by the National Indian Gaming Association (NIGA),

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