U.S. also lost war to Seminoles

Dear Editor,

In one of his poems, Jim Northrup refers to Vietnam as the only war that the U.S. ever lost.

He does a great disservice to the Seminole peoples of Florida who waged a forty-year war against the U.S., costing them more money than the Vietnam war.

The Seminoles’ banner is “The Unconquered.” The U.S. army brutalized and terrorized the Seminoles forcing them to live on the run for half a century. The U.S. army finally gave up and told the Seminoles to go to hell and live in the swamps.

Today the Seminoles are the most powerful Native American tribe on the continent. They are still unconquered.

I am Ojibwe from Lake Michigan.                 

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Ramona Kiyoshk

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Editors Note: He stands corrected, but now I am waiting to hear back about your statement that the Seminole are  “the most powerful tribe on the continent.”