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John Boy Graham

Annie Mae Aquash
(Executed in 1975)

maloneygirls.gif-1.gifDaughters Debbie and
Denise Maloney

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Arlo Looking Cloud



nelsonclarktheda.gif Theda Nelson Clark
(Passed Away)


Dennis Banks
(Annie Mae's Lover)

russellmeans-1colmn.gifRussell Means
(Passed Away)

davidhill.jpg Harry David Hill (Mr. X)


Clyde Bellecourt

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"She really dedicated herself to the Indians.
She was friendly and could talk to anyone.
She took a real interest in the old days."

Russell Loud Hawk, an Oglala elder

Please request permission to reprint and distribute our reporting on Anna/Annie Mae Aquash, in particular the time-lines that are contained here. Time lines I, II, III, IV were updated from 2007 to 2010. Some of the files here are open to only those who are registered as NFIC subscribing members at this site and are not visible. Older files and documents under some of the same titles are available at other websites, and the NFIC archives in some cases, but have not been updated.

Additional files are being generated including an index of all known individuals called to Grand Juries, suspects, witnesses at the 2004 Arlo Looking Cloud trial or mentioned in testimony, or are found within U.S. extradition documents in the case of John Boy Patton Graham. On Aug. 20, 2008 the U.S Indicted Richard "Dick" Marshal for aiding and abetting her murder. He was acquitted during April 2010 of providing the gun used to murder Aquash. On September 10, 2009 the state of South Dakota indicted John Graham and Thelma Rios (Conroy-Hill on murder, rape and kidnapping charges. Thelma Rios pled guilty during November 2010 to the charge of kidnapping. John Graham was found guilty of aiding and abetting felony murder on Dec. 10, 2010 and sentenced to life in state prison.

Additional indictments were predicted for those involved in the kidnapping and interrogation of Aquash at the Wounded Knee Legal Defense/Offense Committee offices headed by Madonna Gilbert ThunderHawk. Lorelie Means and Atty Bruce Ellison in December of 1975. Thelma Rios claimed she initiated the request to Denver to take Annie Mae in custody at their request. The US Government was also probing the relationship between Thunderhawk and Lorelie Means and security members associated with AIM leadership and the death of Black Civil Rights worker Perry Ray Robinson Jr. inside Wounded Knee 1973.

2004 Testimony

The follow people testified in the 2004 trial of Arlo Looking Cloud. Their names are linked to their testimony in the case: Nate Merrick, James Glade, Don Dealing, John Munis, Dr. Gary Peterson, William Wood, Evan Hodge, Kimberly Edwards, Darlene "KaMook" Nichols, Mathalene White Bear, Bob Riter, Raymond Handboy, Joan Decker, Angie Janis, Troy Lynn Yellow Wood, Denise Pictou, Candy Hamilton, Jeanette Eagle Hawk, Cleo Gates, Richard Two Elk, John Trudell, Robert Ecoffey, part one, Robert Ecoffey, part two, and David Price.  Link to entire list of court witnesses and other documents is HERE

  • John Graham Murder Trial Dec. 2010 - 1.2 hr Compilation (1hr 20min)

  • Timeline Documents by News From Indian Country

    Part I - Time line regarding activities, persons and events in Aquash murder investigation.
    1973: Wounded Knee (updating on-going)

    Part II - Time line regarding activities, person and events in Aquash murder investigation.
    June to October, 1975: Jumping Bull Shoot-Out (updating on-going)

    Part III - Time line regarding activities, person and events in Aquash murder investigation.
    October to December 12, 1975: Fugitives (updating on-going)

    Part IV - Time line regarding activities, person and events in Aquash murder investigation.
    Dec. 1975 to 2010: Peltier arrested, Jane Doe found (updating on-going)

    Part V - Index of Individuals, Grand Jury/Cooperating Witnesses, Conspirators/Associates.
    Under Construction and Updating - Registered User Access to 9 files.

    Native hero: News from Indian Country's Paul DeMain
    DeMain, a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, is no stranger to controversy in his line of work. His discoveries regarding a 1975 murder on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota reopened old wounds and even placed DeMain in danger. In an article reprinted from the winter 2005 issue of Wisconsin Academy Review, Madison-based freelance writer Deborah Kades profiles Paul DeMain, the editor of News from Indian County.


    The Extradition of John Boy Patton Graham from Canada

    British Columbia Supreme Court decision to extradite John Graham (6-26-07).


    Website and News Articles/Information at Other Sites
    regarding Aquash, Ray Robinson, and John Boy Patton Graham

    Articles at Justice for Annie Mae Pictou Aquash and Perry Ray Robinson Jr.

    The Lies of John Graham and Updates at Indigenous Women for Justice Web site.

    Go to Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee (City Pages: February 16, 2002).


    The Denver Press Conference 1999

    Russell Means and Ward Churchill call Denver press conference in 1999 to make a statement about the involvement of Clyde and Vernon Bellecourt ordering the execution of Annie Mae Pictou-Aquash.

    AIM Members Point Fingers at Each Other in Aquash Murder.

    by Robert Weller (AP/ICC November 3, 1999)

    Former AIM member says Looking Cloud
    involved in orders that led to execution of Annie Mae Pictou-Aquash

    Transcripts from the Trial of Arlo Looking Cloud



    Statements of Interest Regarding Annie Mae



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