Springfield, Robert (Crow Tribe) Identified through DNA

Billings, Montana (AP) 11-07

A funeral for a man who went missing during a hunting trip in 2004
was held November 16 in Lodge Grass - after a two-year wait
for the FBI to confirm his identity through DNA testing.

Robert "Bugsy" Springfield, an enrolled member of the Crow Tribe who
lived in Casper, Wyo., disappeared during an elk hunting trip with
his cousin and son in September 2004. The men split up and set a time
to meet back at their vehicle. Springfield never showed up.

A crow screeching in a tree apparently led an elk hunter to
Springfield's body in Oct. 2005. The remains were sent to the FBI for
identification and were turned over to the Big Horn County coroner on
Nov. 7.

"It's sad, but we're not wondering where he is now," said Myra Gros
Ventre, Springfield's sister. "We all know where he will be."

Under federal law, the FBI can't release DNA evidence until it is
typed and matched to a known piece of DNA evidence, said Bill Facer,
a senior FBI agent in Billings. Once that testing was completed this
summer, the FBI was able to release the remains.

Facer said there was no evidence of foul play, and the FBI has
concluded its investigation.

Springfield's death certificate lists the cause of death as
undetermined, Gros Ventre said.