It ain’t easy being Indian… (October 2016)

By Ricey Wild
News From Indian Country

Moosie checked in recently and was all morose about the upcoming presidential election. He’s voting for Hillary because he likes women, a lot, but is in personal distress about the Cheeto-colored guy. What if? What if that guy wins? He will abolish all Native American Indian rights as we have them now. The orange peanut guy is on record testifying against Indians building casinos and succeeding where he did not.

I just know that our ancestors were over-run by what white people call progress that actually were land-grabs and genocide against the original inhabitants of Turtle Island. I have rights now that my ancestors fought and died for and I have to do the right thing to honor their sacrifice.

That means I will vote even though there are cynics who ask if I really believe my vote counts. I will vote even though I was a ‘Berner’ and loved that old white guy. I vote for my granddaughter’s future so they have an opportunity to grow in a world where a woman holds the most important office in the entire world. I vote because if they want to become president they can.

Our world is changing quickly and I’m voting to make it a better place to live. I have to mention that I really considered becoming an expatriate but instead of moving north to my cousins there I decided Belize is the place to be. Or I could move deeper into the bush than I already am but that won’t save me from nuclear fallout if the Tangerine playboy gets into the oval office.

People, I’m making an impassioned plea for yooz to get out and vote. Just vote. It used to be that I immediately lost respect for any man I dated who never used his right to vote. I have since I was eighteen and don’t understand the apathy and ignorance of people who don’t or have never voted like it doesn’t apply to them or have an effect on their lives.

I’m not at all confused or bedazzled by the first presidential debate the other night. I am very sure about whom I will vote for and it is not a third party candidate because we are collectively on the precipice of the worst possible outcome for this country if the racist, misogynistic, sociopath republican candidate wins. I could add more descriptions here but yooz get the message. I simply say if yooz don’t vote at all or for a candidate with no absolutely no chance of winning the election then you have only yourself to blame for the critical outcome that affects us all.

This is what I told Moosie and he gets it. He does not agree with the crusty, snot-covered sniffling toddler even though he also has many children from many women. Can you imagine the republican righteousness if Hillary brought up a brood of children onstage with three different fathers?

There is rampant misogyny in this election and I myself have been a victim of it like not getting a well-deserved raise from male bosses because I would not be their girlfriend, to put it nicely. Hillary is experiencing this on a global scale even though there are other countries that have elected women as their leader. Why is this when the United States has always touted itself as the world’s most free, progressive country?

I want a person in the Oval Office who supports Colin Kaepernick’s right to protest. I want that person to be compassionate for refugees who had no inclination to flee their countries but had to because of war. I am sickened by the photographs of babies who washed up on foreign shores in a desperate attempt to simply live. The sniffling Cheeto guy would ban all those of the Islamic faith from entering this country. Not those who practice Christianity no, yet the Christians who came here 500+ years raped, burned, murdered our own Native American Indian ancestors.

I stand with Standing Rock and the Water Protectors. Should mini-carrot creature become (ish! Ack!) president our collective future is over.

I remain astonished that the orange skittle has gotten this far. Are the American people so jaded that they don’t care about the presidency? Go on and see for yourself if you really don’t believe me.

There are orange cones around dangerous areas and construction sites. There is your first sign.

This column is my opinion alone. I write because I have everything to say. Yooz have your own opinions and I respect that. I only ask that you weigh your vote carefully and with all the facts in your mind. Moosie is now a Clinton supporter because it has never been more clear whom to vote for.

Just vote.

Support or NFIC. Thank YOU!!