It ain’t easy being Indian (August 2013)

By Ricey Wild
News From Indian Country

For the past few weeks I had been enjoying a little rest from the usual absurd life I live. I have all I need of food, more than enough clothes, a happy job, lively home and gas in the van to get around. I listen to my friends woes and while I sympathize; secretly I’m glad it’s not me going through their troubles. I’ve had plenty of my own, thank you very much! In fact I was becoming very close to saying I’m…b…b..!
I did think it but dared not say it aloud for fear of the repercussions and consequences of my uttering those fateful words. As a matter of fact I became very paranoid. I walked very softly and peered around corners to make sure there were no pianos that might fall on me but I couldn’t avoid black cats since I have three of them. Well, the inevitable did happen and when it did I was ill-prepared to actually say ‘no’ to someone in need.
That day I was home from illness and in a very vulnerable state. Plus, I can’t bear to see people suffer when I can help them out just simply by letting them stay at my house. Sigh! You’d think I would learn from my past problems with that same, recycled dilemma but noooooo…!!!!!!!!! Not me, I gotta experience being overly nice and accommodating at least once a year before I can relax again in my own little house with my own little problems.
Sometimes one has to re-learn lessons one thought had been well-absorbed. I took in a friend of mine whose mother I like and privately I hoped that someone would shelter me if I needed it. Yep, you guessed it; I had to be taught yet again not to let people live with me. Like ever never ever….ever!
How much do I enjoy my single life? Oh let me count the ways!
1) I’m the only one who gets to boogit (fart) in my house. When the cats or my dog The Mitz pass gas they always go into the bathroom and turn on the fan and light matches to get rid of the odor like civilized housemates.
2) On the subject of bathrooms, I can use mine anytime all day long and leave the door open. Well, I have to leave the door open cuz I have two cats that are self-appointed restroom attendants and they meow while trying to bust in should I shut them out. (What is it about animals that do that? I don’t bother them when they’re in their litter box! )
3) Sleeping! I get to go to bed and sleep soundly, well, sort of…my pets all have their favorite areas on the bed (note that I did not write MY bed) one of which is perched halfway on my shoulder but she purrs. I try not to kick them but they shouldn’t lie by my feet anyway.
4) Eating alone. If I may say so myself I am a good cook. I like to cook with hot salsa on all meats and don’t have to worry that my meals are too spicy or salty. I do, however, have to cater to my furry family right in the morning by opening cans of pet chow which looks and smells so…. Yooz know. Yum. But yanno what? Better that than someone telling me how they like their eggs done.
5) Space. I just got rid of an old, hideous couch that I never wanted anyway so I’m in transition. I am sitting on a powwow chair; I have a ‘new’ rummage sale desk and the kittens have the entire living area to play in. it turns out they loved playing ‘King of the Mountain’ on sleeping, snoring, boogity houseguests. Hai!
6) Kittens?! Yes, and I don’t have to take anyone’s allergy to cat dander into account; or any other person’s aversion to work, be it in the house or not. My mess is my own so if my feet stick to the kitchen floor I know it’s time to mop. My cats are self-cleaning and my dog well-trained so if I don’t count the puke messes they make it’s all good.
When I can help people out I do, even when I already know the pitfalls that may occur in some situations. I was homeless too for a bit in my younger life; I lived out of a suitcase with no permanent address and my family took me in when I needed them. Miigwech Dawn LP n all of yooz! It ain’t easy being Indian anytime…being homeless in our homeland is the worst.
So, will I ever take in another needy person? Well…… I spose, but only for the night. And bring your own toilet paper.