It ain't easy being Indian... (February 2013)

By Ricey Wild
News From Indian Country
It's confession time. Occasionally, like once and a half my TV accidentally had the Jerry Springer show on, I became an unwilling captive witnessing the End of Civilization as we know it. It is still fresh to me at how...OMG...what wastes of space and precious resources those clownish creatures are. They are breathing good air that the rest of us could be. (Thanks Deborah!) At the end they were then hollered at and humiliated by audience members just as skanky as they are. Then the conclusion of the episode Jerry literally repeats the same pseudo-sage advice using his “this is serious” face and voice.
Very late one night when there was nothing else on television but static I watched the Maury Povich Show (the static was actually more intelligent). I know, right? Sickened by my visceral reaction, I got caught up in who was the father or not and how in the sack could anybody have intimate relations with a person with the same anatomy and not say, Hmmm? Wow. I really wish I had that time back.
But in this great country even those who should have long been culled from the herd are protected under the U.S. Constitution. There are other worse, unworthy creatures that cowardly hide under the Red, White and Blue flag and sputter indignant pro-gun slogans and something about cold, dead hands. Then there’s the extreme right-wing Pee Pants Party. Sigh.
My point is this: a used to be wise elder advised me how to quiet a crying baby; distract it. I see American citizens being distracted by momentary pleasures, spiritually empty insignificant wants, crass wealth and fame in any form. This means a large number of people are obliviously dooming Our Mother. It is happening now as the few Demonic DestructiCons continue to make a gargantuan profit from raping, pillaging and plundering our beautiful Earth which has limited god-given resources without conscientious opposition.
Understand this: I am proud to be born an American. I am also one of the few citizens directly descended from the original occupants of our beloved Turtle Island. I stand with “Idle No More”.
Right here from now on I refuse to be distracted, dissed and deluded now or ever again by the Demons of Destruction aka ...well yooz know, right? (Interruption! My Angel Dog Mitzi was tryna get more treats offa me but I sez I sez... G'wan then! Later I will trap and skin a couple of fresh free range baby bunnies if you go take yer 36th nap of the day!) Ahem! To continue...
Initially this column was to be about the great time I had at a powwow in the Risky Raccoon Kasino's Porcupine Pond Event Center. It was an enlightening surprise cuz I initially went to look for 'bearded earrings' of the color pink for my amazing Sister- in -Law Brenda and the most important thing was that the earrings be made by a genuine Indian. Thanks Charlie S!
I got way more out of the experience than I ever thought. My friend Nikki Crowe had envisioned and then organized an event with so much more to it than the usual fare and routine that most powwows offer. It was the first time federal and local environmental agencies came together at the same time with a similar message of sense and sustainability for our world. Lots of very intelligent people who ‘manned’ the booths were right there to answer questions and offer help and information, They brought a strong message for our shared Earth, resources and sustainability and stopping the insanity of continuing desecration.
It always seems like just when I am convinced that we all suck and should be wiped clean off the face of this Earth some people have to go and renew my sense of hope for our future, Sheez.
The 1st Annual Traditional Gitchi Manidoo Giizis powwow (translated in English: Great Spirit Moon) was an outstanding success and I went away with a good feeling. I am not alone in protesting the madness of what is called progress by the greedy ones. Try some tar oil sands soup with your cancerous fresh caught fish?
The first Grand Entry was magnificent. There were over 20 Drums and at least 365 dancers signed up, and when they began dancing into the circle it seemed like it could not possibly hold all the Indians in it. My heart swelled, I became teary eyed, stood up straighter and I felt so damn good to be Indian!
Later Nikki asked me if I stayed for the feast? No, I didn’t because I tire so quickly. What she said next astounded me. It was a natural foods dinner and no-Fry bread zone and no one complained!
Baby steps my friends! Then huge strides. C’mon then!