Nemadji - Wisconsin Point Burial site at St. Francis Cemetery still exposing remains

By Paul DeMain
Superior, Wisconsin (ICTV)

In 1918 a developer was challenged by the Fond du Lac Band of Lake Superior Chippewa when he attempted to develop a historic Ojibwe burial ground on Wisconsin Point near Superior, Wisconsin.

The challenge was met by the developer by digging up over a hundred burials and trucking them to a Catholic Cemetery site where the remains were dumped on the edge of a river bank where they remain today.

A walk-through of the site during April of 2009 shows that despite past complaints, the burial site is still eroding with bones being washed out down the hillside, and Catholic Cemetery workers using the same bluff as a site to dump tree trimmings and other junk from the their main cemetery.

Reburying the Remains, that were Dumped

A full program is still on the editing boards of the full Nemadji Cemetery walk through with additional coverage of the Wisconsin Point site and the Settlers Cemetery across the street. That program will be in an upcoming feature at in the featured digital player and will be listed in the May 4th - May 18 featured index in the TV website and News From Indian Country along with a dozen other up-coming programs.

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