Gordon, Wisconsin Cemetery Headstone Tour

By Paul DeMain
Gordon, Wisconsin (ICTV)

Through-out Indian Country there are many old settlement sites that were historic Native village sites. Some are more modern then others, but many of the oldest sites were abandoned as tribal people were moved to reservations in the late 1800s.

This short virtual tour of the Gordon, Wisconsin cemetery and the burial site of Father Philip Gordon, is the opening program of several series that IndianCountryTV.com will be producing highlighting old Ojibwe and Dakota sites in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Michigan. Many of these sites were almost lost to history, and at many of the sites the only thing left to observe may be the burial sites.

As I open this program I mis-identify the first Ojibwe Catholic priest in the Great Lakes region as Antoine Gordon. Antoine was the father of the Reverend Philip Gordon.

Antoine and Louison were the sons of Jean Baptiste Gaudin/Goddain and Awenishan, a sister of Hole In The Day (Buginaygeshig), the major Ojibwe chief of the upper Mississippi in the early 1800s

Philip Gordon established the Catholic settlement now known as Gordon, Wisconsin and he was an active preacher through-out the region, with relatives on several reservations like the Fond du Lac Ojibwe reservation in Minnesota, the Red Cliff, Bad River and Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwe reservations in Wisconsin. He also served the St. Croix Chippewa for a period of time.

As with future reports, I take a special interest in some of this history because of my own family lineage. Antoine Gordon married one of Daniel Dingley's daughters, Sarah at La Point on October 2, 1843. Another daughter married an Isham, and a third married a member of the Morrison family clan. In that situation, the Dingley family became inter-related to almost all of the major Native families then, and that now exist in the Great Lakes.

Over time, I hope to have the time to locate several of the historical documents on this site and add some of that information to this program site, or link it here if it is extensive. If you have other information that would be helpful, as a registered subscriber to this site, you can also contribute your knowledge of Father Gordon and this site (And I can imagine there is plenty).

In that way, our future generations don't have to wonder.

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