Urban Indians, Franklin St., Fry Bread & St. Paul Mounds

The Minneapolis American Indian Center.


Antoine Stately. I think most people would agree that it seems that Tony Stately has had an arts and craft shop inside the American Indian Center forever. He says that is the truth, that while programs and their program directors that over see the numerous programs that any urban Indian center would provide have come and gone. he is still there.


Founding AIM office paved over. Our local urban Indian guide, Minnie Two Shoes points out across the street a location which she says the American Indian Movement was first located when it formed in 1968. There is only a secure brick wall looking at us with some graffiti on it to mark the spot. Somebody told us the graffitti was RIP, for Rest In Peace.

A good piece of Fry Bread at the Wolves Den. What is a visit to an urban Indian center, or a pow wow, or going back home to the Rez for a visit without a good piece of frybread. "Worthless." So we stopped at the Wolves Den on Franklin Street to try some out alone with the other ingredients known to make up the secret recipe for an Indian taco. You might be able to take in some Native music from several of the skins hanging around while sipping a great Latte.

wolves den.jpg


The old Indian Trail. We follow the old river bank from the downtown area south along the Mississippi River. There are both roads down near the river and along the upper banks. And, in the old days those roads along the lower banks, and upper banks were the Indian trails that ran on both sides of this mighty river.

Coldwater Springs.

Fort Snelling still stands.

The St. Paul Mounds and somewhere sacred in the middle of modern America. We started out our journey by visiting the ancient conical mounds that oversaw the Mississippi River at Hudson, Wisconsin and it seem fitting that about an hour before we end this particular journey, the last official stop is a Park in St. Paul, Minnesota in with six conical mounds have been preserved, and fenced off. This is in contrast to the many mounds and burial sites we have seen in the last two weeks that have been dug into, gutted, or flattened.

While we are they we are again greeted with an incoming storm in which you can see the other side of sunlight, but between us and the storm you can see the rain coming down from the sky. As we stand there the wind picks up and the rain, which seem extra cold comes down in big droplets. I am not looking at things and try to ignore it as it not the worst rainfall, by any means, that I have been in.

A double Rainbow gives us a sign that I think says it all.

double rainbow.jpg




















Saying Fairwell.